I’m in Tbilisi

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I’m in Tbilisi

-Yuri Iofe

All damned poets,

Will be able to understand this.

I wander about Tbilisi,

Back and forth,

And gnaw on impressions,

As a dog would on scraps,

And pick subjects,

With readied rhymes.

Everything is strange and new to me,

Incomprehensible and wild,

Even the Eastern sky,

The color of indigo paint,

Blind alleys,

In blinding light,

As winding as letters,

In a Georgian newspaper.

Here, the law is irrelevant,

A European mask!

Now night is falling,

Like an Arabian fairy tale.

And I observe it all,

From bottom to top,

Delirious with rhyme,

I wander about Tbilisi.

In this madness,

All life is crumpled.

But this is something,

That all damn poets will be able to understand.

Tbilisi, 1960

Translated by me.



A quick bio of Vasily Grossman

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A few months ago, actually, more like half a year ago, I did a biographical sketchman Grossman for Suite101. The text of that article canbe found here:



After the Fall Exhibit in Peekskill

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One of the many works on display at the After the Fall exhibit.

For anyone in the New York area, there is a fantastic exhibit of post-Socialist Eastern European art going on at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art in Peekskill. Check out my article on it at:


Book of Essays

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Dear all,

A while ago I decided to gather some of grad school, mainly undergraduate essays together in a slim volume so I’d have a convenient way to have a record of the. Along the way I figured that perhaps some of you, my dedicated readers, (despite my rather long gaps in updating) may be interested in them too so I’m making them available on Lulu.com:


I hope you all enjoy them.

Also, as my semester winds down, I hope to get back the business that this blog was set up to do, provide well translated Russian poetry for all of you.


Vladimir Vysotsky Site

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So I recently stumbled across this:


Check it out, it’s pretty nifty.


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While I like to keep this blog a Russian culture blog, I would like to take a moment to turn everyone’s attention towards a new blog I have set up for a non-profit I am involved in, Niah:



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Yesterday I was up at Vassar for a Russian Department Event and met a professor of photography, Dmitri Kasterine, who does really amazing work. Check it out at: