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Andrew Glikin-Gusinsky is a freelance translator/writer living in New York. An alum of Vassar and Columbia, he is the translator and compiler of In the War and Other Stories, an anthology of Vasily Grossman’s short stories, which was published by Sovlit.com. In addition to being a frequent contributor to Sovlit, Andrew has been an assistant editor for Ulbandus, Columbia University’s Slavic Review, and was the 2007 recipient of Columbia’s Pushkin Prize for poetry in translation. Professionally, he has worked on several translations and transliterations, most notably producing transliterations for the Miller Theatre’s Stravinsky Festival. He is also a regular collaborator with TwoWatches.com.

His original writing has appeared on http://thesubwaychronicles.com and http://processingunit.blogspot.com/.

(c) 2008 Andrew Glikin-Gusinsky


One Response to “About”

  1. Myriam Anissimov Says:

    Message for Andrew Glikin-Gusinsky
    Dear Andrew Glikin-Gusinsky, I discovered your book of translations from Vasily Grossman today on the net. I would be very interested to get one, to buy one. Please let me know how to get one copy.
    Sincerely yours,
    Myriam Anissimov
    (Novelist, biographer of Primo Levi and Romain Gary)

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