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Book of Essays

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Dear all,

A while ago I decided to gather some of grad school, mainly undergraduate essays together in a slim volume so I’d have a convenient way to have a record of the. Along the way I figured that perhaps some of you, my dedicated readers, (despite my rather long gaps in updating) may be interested in them too so I’m making them available on

I hope you all enjoy them.

Also, as my semester winds down, I hope to get back the business that this blog was set up to do, provide well translated Russian poetry for all of you.



Aleksei Kafanov

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A bloody trail meanders on the snow.
Someone has dug themselves, headfirst, into the snow.
What does he care about life and glory,
This individual slowly freezing in the snow.

Yet, unnoted in any report,
Having gone missing in ‘41,
In a raggedy overcoat and leg-wraps,
He still crawls in the night.

Dead, however knowing no peace,
He continues to crawl without direction,
The unburied Russian soldier,
Who never did hear the invaders repulsed.

Here he crawls before the dawn,
With dark, bottomless eye sockets,
He glances and demands an answer:
“The war, how did it end?”

-Aleksei Kafanov (Translated by me)